About Bradner Cold Storage

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Despite our incredible growth since our humble beginnings in 2011, Bradner Cold Storage has never lost track of its roots. What began as a two-person company has blossomed into five locations with loyal team members who help us to continue to grow and provide flexible, solution-based services.

From the start, we knew we wanted to do things differently. Our focus has always been on creating the most effective and efficient supply chain and putting our team’s happiness and success first. We know that if we can keep our team happy and efficient, they’ll keep you happy. In a constantly changing supply chain world, Bradner Cold Storage is a stable integrated partner both for you and our team members

Each of our five locations are backed by our committed team members who take a flexible approach to creating solutions that best support your business goals. By taking the time to understand your unique needs from the get-go, we can build a customized solution.

Our warehouses are fully racked and equipped with top-of-the-line technology systems that are ready to respond to all your warehousing and distribution needs, including providing proper requirements for frozen, cooler, and dry (ambient) storage. As a multi-temperature warehouse provider, we are able to create solutions for customers that integrate all temperatures and we handle a full circle of supply chain requirements from packaging, raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP) to finished goods.

At Bradner Cold Storage, we constantly work to find new ways to improve our workplace for our team members with a focus on work-life balance, a positive work environment, and opportunities for training, learning, self-improvement, and growth. We are proud to say that many of our senior leaders joined our team in entry level positions, learned the business, found growth opportunities within our team, and now have integral roles in developing the future of our company.

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Tim Ludwig

President and CEO

With over 25 years of experience in the food processing and logistics industry Tim is a well-rounded entrepreneur who takes great pride in solving complex business challenges. Starting his career in warehousing with a part time job picking orders in the freezer during university, he has learned the business from the bottom to the top and fully understands all aspects of the food supply chain.

With many years of direct experience in food processing, Tim has a unique perspective on the food industry and as a result works closely with customers to address their supply chain challenges with novel solutions.

Tim is passionate about building strong teams through a great corporate culture and is proud of the ever-growing team and the leaders who have helped Bradner Cold Storage become the success it is today.

Tim’s industry involvement includes his participation as a Director of the Global Cold Chain Alliance and he currently sits as the Treasurer in 2023.


Lori Guliker

Director of Operations

Lori is an experienced supply chain professional with a strong background in warehousing and distribution for over 30 years. In her career, she has impacted all levels of organization in a variety of roles from Customer Service, WMS management and HACCP to her current role leading operations at Bradner Cold Storage.  Her focus is ensuring BCS is positioned for growth and is ready to meet the demands that an ever-changing supply chain environment puts on our customers.

In her role as Director of Operations, she demonstrates a passion for problem-solving and a relentless pursuit of finding a better way.  She takes pride in developing the next generation of warehousing leaders to ensure there is a strong organizational foundation that can successfully support our customers now and into the future.


Judina Arends

Operations Manager

Judina has built her career with Bradner Cold Storage over the last several years working alongside all our teams, demonstrating her skills as a strong decisive leader. Judina’s relentless pursuit of personal growth and professional development has opened the doors for endless opportunities at Bradner. She joined the company in 2017 as an entry level Customer Service Representative, attended WFLO Institute where she acquired additional knowledge and skills that have led her to succeed in her current role as Operations Manager. Her understanding of the many elements of the supply chain gives her the ability to drive success as she manages all areas of Bradner’s Operations. She was selected as one of five finalists for the Don Schlimme Future Leader Award for North America and was asked to present at the GCCA Convention, showcasing her dedication to company culture, developing future leaders within her team, and pursuing excellence across all aspects of the organization.