Our Team

our team

Have a look at the source of our success.

Bradner Cold Storage has grown from its humble beginnings as a two-person operation to the company it is today. Our team is what makes this a great place to work. While many of our staff joined our company without any warehousing experience, we have been proud to watch them grow into their careers through our internal promotions and continuous training to become skilled and knowledgeable team players.

As members of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, we are strong supporters of continuous learning and industry-specific training. Many of our team members have gone to the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) Institute to further enhance their learning in our industry and to build their careers. Both you and our team have benefit from the industry specific knowledge and training.

Our people tend to stick around—here’s why:

We invest in our people, promote a healthy work-life balance, and provide a great benefits package alongside strong wages. Our goal is to ensure that everyone on our team has the support they need to get the job done right. As our organization continues to grow, we believe that maintaining a vibrant and enjoyable workplace results in winning both individually and as a team.

Our commitment to our employees is demonstrated in our comprehensive benefits package, including dental and vision care, as well as in our strong support for our employees participating in our RRSP matching program. Our RRSP matching program allows our team members to use their contributions to support a down payment for their first home and to build a strong retirement plan for their future.

forklift operator

Lorne K

What's one thing you like about working for Bradner?
The people and the atmosphere are great.

What is something you bring to the job?
Experience and good looks!

What's a fun fact about yourself?
I enjoy selling things at the Abbotsford Flea Market on the weekends.


Harjeet K

What's one thing you like about working for Bradner?
The job is stimulating and challenging, I am able to learn new things and develop new skill sets.

What is something you bring to the job? 
Firmness and positive energy. I smile at everyone around me and have a bubbly personality.

What's a fun fact about yourself?
I am graduated with Chemical Engineering and Laboratory Technician. I love jogging and working out.



Heather A

What's one thing you like about working for Bradner?
One of the things I enjoy about Bradner is the teammates we work with. From all levels of leadership, efforts are made to provide a work-culture that promotes personal growth and achievement, as much as company success. I've seen leaders participate in the hard labour when things outside our control get difficult, re-evaluate how processes might be improved, and coordinate to ensure we address situations as a team.  And - are willing to pay when the value is evident, from personnel to tools we use daily, Bradner is not afraid to pay for quality workmanship.

What is something you bring to the job?
I'd like to say my excellent witticisms, but I'm not that punny. I am a teamwork oriented individual who values interpersonal harmony, strong work ethic, and diligent effort. I'd say I bring all these things to the team, and with experience grown within the company, have expanded my skills to include knowledge in our WMS systems and operational organization. "How can I help" is a question I would like to ask first and is often the basis for good customer service.

What's a fun fact about yourself?
I am also a silversmith, as time allows.